Ammo Types:

Armor Piercing Shot (AP), upgradeable

Useful against any target that have either a medium or heavy armor

for targets with light armor, HE should be used instead

Buckshot / High Explosives, upgradeable

It launches dozens of small steel balls in a wide cone, suitable against infantry targets only

in 2nd firing mode it will launch larger steel balls with sensitive explosives and with better accuracy

High Explosive Shell (HE), upgradeable

a shell filled with explosives that should be used against infantry crowds and vehicles with insufficient protection

Tier 1:

High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT), upgradeable

In addition to explosive charges it is also fitted with a copper cone which produces a hot molten jet that is capable of penetrating

the armor, regardless of range.

Suitable against targets with medium armor or a squad of infantrys

2nd Fire mode: HEAT Ramjet, it has overall smaller damage but the shell is fitted with Ramjet which gives it a immense

muzzle velocity, good against airborne targets

Tier 1: 40x290mm only

Flamethrower cartridge, upgradeable

You can use that against infantrys and light armored targets, setting them on blaze

2nd Firing Mode: covers the area with flammable substance

Tier 2: 75x500mm and 50x441mm only

Fuel Air Explosives Rocket (FAE) / Toxin Gas Rocket

Upon impact it releases explosive clouds that causes massive destruction

in 2nd firing mode it will release toxin gasses which can affect a small-medium sized room.

Tier 2: 40x290mm only

Laser Bolter cartridge, upgradeable

you can use that against almost any target

2nd Firing Mode: Fires a Plasmaball